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The Swiss Nutrition and Health foundation (SNHf) , the new name of the Swiss Vitamin Institute, was created with a scope expanded to all nutrients, micronutrients and natural bioactives. True to its heritage, the SNHf remains a not for profit and independent foundation-oriented nutrition and public health. Read more

The remit of the SNHf goes beyond vitamins. It includes the research and analysis of all nutrients, micronutrients and natural bioactives in the domains of nutrition, cosmetic and health. SNHf focuses on measuring the nutrient journey from raw materials, to foods, to the consumer’s health. Our approach to measuring nutritional health is to develop and deploy reliable measurements of the nutrient status. This is why the SNH foundation will continue to deliver medical analysis of nutritional status that are scientifically established and recognized by insurance companies. Our expertise, scientific network and continuous investment in the latest analytical techniques have made us a trusted institution since 1931.

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Established and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for vitamin status analysis. read more

Swiss Nutrition and Health Foundation
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Nutrient certification program through an independent laboratory testing and label qualification to support brand credential. Read more

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We provide a “one stop shop” to support you from discovery to product qualification and certification. Our team of experts and our network will meet your needs for accelerated and science-based innovation in nutrition and cosmetic.

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Combining expertise and complete independence, our label is a guarantee of quality and trust.

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